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I have a love for all things creative. Macramé, Graphic Design, Photography, Interior Decorating, Painting, Fabric Dyeing, Jewelry Making... you name it!

Lauren Moyer Artist and creator

My Story

It all started when I was a child. My love for anything creative was simply in my blood and surrounding me. My mother, an extremely talented painter, and my father, who has a great eye for design, instilled in me a passionate drive to follow my creative dreams. Growing up in Michigan, I would tie every knot known to sailors as I raced boats all over Lake Huron every summer. I would draw, paint, and bead all day long. I loved the potter’s wheel and ceramics, making my own beads out of Fimo clay, sewing and tie-dying anything I could get my hands on. After I left Michigan, I went on to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. And after that, I earned my Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design in Tampa, Florida. Shortly after completing my education, I was offered an Art Director’s position in Key West, Florida. I moved down there as a twenty-three year old and ended up having the time of my life. Being able to have a creative job and live in the Florida Keys was a dream come true. In 2005, it was time to move on. I packed up, sold my home and moved up to St. Augustine to marry my amazing husband, Aaron. Much has happened since then… We now have three incredible daughters, the cutest french bulldog ever and have started a handful of successful businesses. We take the boat to our surrounding local islands to find all of my driftwood and our girls truly take pride in helping me. We’re blessed to be able to watch the sunset over the intercostal every night and we are all healthy! We continue to enjoy our little beach town and we thank God each and every day for ALL OF IT!